Perfection Electricks is a professional fabrication shop offering consulting, design support, fabrication, and repair services. We work with artists, museums, galleries, producers, and creatives on a diverse range of imaginative projects. With a dynamic team of professional builders and experienced electronics techs Perfection Electricks can find creative solutions for building even the most complex concept.

Founded by Marty Chafkin in 1984, the business started as a special effects company primarily building specialty electronics and control devices for television, film, and theater scenery and trade-show displays. In 1998 Perfection Electricks first entered the world of art, working with Ann Hamilton on her exhibition "White Cloth" at the Aldrich Museum. Since then, we have continued to build strong working relationships with artists, museums, galleries, and corporations. In over fifteen years of art fabrication Perfection Electricks has been involved in a diverse range of projects ranging from lighting and automation to the fabrication of large scale metal works. 


What we do

Strange Attractor, 2007   Alice Aycock

Strange Attractor, 2007

Alice Aycock

Cash Machin  e , 2010    Paola Pivi

Cash Machine , 2010

Paola Pivi

Ghost...a Border Act,  2000   Ann Hamilton

Ghost...a Border Act, 2000

Ann Hamilton

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